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VIP Medicine/Anti-aging Medicine

The concept behind a "VIP" medical practice is that each patient is, indeed, a Very Important Patient. To ensure that each patient receives the time that they need with the doctor, Dr. Rosenberg limits the number of patients that he will accept in his practice. This allows for:

  • Access to Dr. Rosenberg, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Same day appointments.
  • Frequent telephone consults with Dr. Rosenberg.
  • Personalized care, with appointments typically lasting at least one hour.

What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

Anti-Aging Medicine is a relatively new term. Although the definitions vary, the principle is to slow, and at times, even reverse the aging process. Aging may be defined as cumulative changes that lead to a decrease in functional capacity. In humans, aging is associated with degenerative changes of the skin, bones, heart and blood vessels, lungs, nervous system, and other organs and tissues.

An Anti-Aging practitioner should:

  1. .Treat the cause of the symptom or disorder, thus preventing its return and/or progression.
  2. Use different modalities to treat disease such as supplementation/herbal medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, nutritional and exercise guidance, as well as other forms of complementary medicine.
    No single type of therapy treats all disease!
  3. Address all causes of aging and age-related disease:
    A.Dietary intake
    B.Lifestyle and quality/quantity of exercise and activity
    C.Environmental toxins
    D.Hormonal decline
    E.Oxidative stress

Traditional practitioners tend to practice the art of patching. Patching in the medical field refers to treating patients with different pharmaceutical drugs for each symptom that they present with. This approach is merely a temporizing measure, and the symptoms will certainly return. Consider the following analogy: You ride a bicycle on a street lined with nails; each time the tire gets punctured and becomes flat, you go to a practitioner for repair. The traditional physician will continue to patch the tire until there is simply nothing left to patch. The Anti-Aging practitioner will remove all of the nails from the street.

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